My Issues

I was going through some things that I have written over the course of my life and found the following poem that poured out of my heart.

As I read it, I realized I feel some of the same things even now and thought it may encourage someone else. Enjoy



I Have Issues, Complex situations, Skyscrapers of distress, maybe not that big. Consistent days of inward watching, trying to figure myself out. The one created for greatness but so low within self, Today my drive has left, and behold I see the naked me. So many Issues.

I may not show it but my soul is dealing. I’m constantly looking for my mountain peak. Many times I find myself pulling things out the closet, All the skeletons must be buried; a graveyard dedicated to the end. Transparent is my goal, these are My Issues.

My Issues must leave to make way for new ones. I realize I’m never going to be free from issues. The simplicity of Liberty dangles in my eyes. I seek liberation from life’s troubles Hopeless it seems. But faith still breathes deep in me, Faith being the basis of the things I hope for. Faith being the proof of what I can’t see, Knee deep in a pool of sorrow A waterfall of decision is its birthplace, The persistent pressure of purpose, Boils over in a pot of complacency.

Drive, Motivation, and determination accelerate the consistent fear of not being successful. Plagued by the stereotypes of a Black man mixed with the homosexual lifestyle. My pores bleed freedom, never to be left behind but always to succeed.

Breaking the chains of decision and moving into the freedom I was made for. I am created for liberty my issues must not control my liberation. My liberation of the mind, body, and soul. My Issues yes they are very much real, but the sun will shine in the morning and my cloudy days will be all gone.

Decision making turns into a still, small stream banked by peace and tranquility. My issues, yes they are overwhelming at times but my tears are bottled up and like gold they are exchanged for happiness. These are My Issues.

*Just Call Me Justified


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