I’m Free

I was getting ready to call it a night, but the Lord gave me these words to write. This is an original poem entitled, “I’m Free.” If you know of someone who has overcome or is struggling with homosexuality please remember these words. Enjoy and Comment please

I’m Free

What? What are you looking at? What do you see when you see me? Do see the swish in my walk? How I suck my teeth when I talk? The limp in my wrist or my dainty little twist? Do you see the contacts, the makeup, or the tight clothes I wear when I dress up? Do you see me pop my collars; looking like I fit in nowhere? What do you see?

Do you see that it’s hard to be me? To be in this body and want to be free? You don’t know that people molested me and sowed a seed that I let grow and cultivated into this sinful me. You don’t see me, the tears I cry of just wanting to be a “normal” guy? The church condemns me, my family is ashamed and sometimes I just wish I could die, just to be free from these chains.

You keep staring but are you praying ? Or do you just look at me in disgust and just walk away? Here I am a broken vessel; everyday me and my flesh we wrestle. It’s a breakthrough I see, so I get down on my knees and say, “Lord just help me.” That was the day my life, it just changed the man I’ve always wanted to be slowly he came.
The twist is gone, I don’t suck my teeth, when I see another man , my knees don’t even get weak. I can stand tall and walk with a confident stride. I’m delivered, I’m not gay and I have NOTHING to hide. I’m free from lust, fornication, porn, masturbation and pride. The man you used to make fun of has died. I’m free ya’ll, walking with my head held high. I’m a brand new creature and I lift my father’s name on High. So don’t look for the man I used to be because he doesn’t live here anymore. All things are new and for my life, I have so much in store.

So the next time you see somebody that was like me, do me a favor and pray for them and speak into their destiny. Amazing Grace is a sweet sound that saved a wretch like me. I stand tall for all my brothers and sisters struggling to break the chains of Homosexuality and sing, “I’M FREE!”

Just Call Me Justified


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