You Can Overcome Homosexuality

Dear Future Overcomer,

Have you ever been to the altar and walked away in defeat? The Pastor prayed and laid on hands, but nothing felt concrete? You sat in your seat kind of embarrassed because all they wanted was a shout. They said, “You’re set free now” all you have to do is walk this thing out.
You get it your car, drive home, and here comes that infamous text saying
“Wassup babe, come over I wanna chill.” But all they wanted was sex.
You try to say no, but no turns to yes, and you find yourself in front of
a bed preparing to undress. You indulge in the evil, play with darkness, and entertain the sin.
You feel just like you felt when you left that altar, defeated and wondering
when will this all end? Truth is it never ends, but you have the power to say no.
You see my friend deliverance is instant, repenting is constant, and overcoming is
what you must proclaim. The day you gave God your yes, He wiped you clean and changed your name. You must go through the process of severing the ties. The ties to the lifestyle, relationships, everything must die.

I know you’re hurting, I know you’re crying, and it’s hard to be alone, but being alone is better than the false hope and impure love that any man has ever shown. I know you’ve tried to make it work, one after another, it always seems like this is the one, but he always finds something “better” and leaves your heart undone. So build some walls, cover some wounds, thinking you’ll be cool, but truth is young man, you’re boxing in poison and it will begin to infect you real soon.

You carry a burden, that nobody loves you and no one understands your hurt. But man I understand because I was you and yeah sometimes it still hurts. See, I was abused, misused, and fell for the okey doke several times. I clubbed, I partied, and slept around thinking I’d be just fine. All I did was dig a deeper pit, and swim in a sea of despair. I forgot about God, didn’t recognize Jesus, and both of them were always there.
Your deliverance is in your mouth, and what you have to confess. Remember that Restoration takes time, Redemption was given at the cross, and Purification is a process. You can make it man, you’ve got to fight. You’re weeping now, confused, it’s painful but I promise you on the other side is a NEW LIFE. God loves you too much to ever let you go, he’s yours, you’re his, but you in your mind, you have to KNOW. It’s ok now, breathe deep, release the pain, and let the past go.
You’re Justified, You are Saved, there nothing else to do. Just be Consistent, Repentant, and God will see you through. You can now look in the mirror and see what I see and what God has destined you to be. You’re an Overcomer man, now Turn your light O.N.

Yours brother in Christ,

The Overcomer


*Just Call Me Justified


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