Stay in Gilgal

After reading Joshua 5, God gave me a deeper revelation on that passage last night in prayer. The place in which Joshua circumcised the “wilderness children” was called Gilgal, which means “circle.” Gilgal was first camp that was set up after they crossed over the Jordan river. The significance of the crossing of the Jordan was that the “wilderness children” saw similar to what their ancestors who had died saw at the Red Sea, the miracle of parting waters. So in essence the experience had come full circle for them. Now that they were at Gilgal it was time for them to be in covenant with God so circumcision was in order.


Circumcision is merely cutting off of flesh. The flesh that is cut off does not give life, is dead and adds no value to the body. Many things in our lives are just like that so it must be cut off, whatever and whomever it is. After their circumcision the “wilderness” children stayed at Gilgal to allow time for HEALING and this is the place where many of us are, things have begun be cut off that we thought were good for us and it has HURT, but God has placed in a Spiritual Gilgal so that the healing process can take place. You may feel like you don’t fit in, or you’re not favored as you once were, and it’s true you don’t fit in with the “normal” crowd anymore.


You are set apart for warfare. Notice the “wilderness” children were not circumcised by their parents mainly because their parents were stuck with the Egyptian (bondage) mindset and God did not want the “wilderness” children to be influenced by that mindset, so all of their ancestors died off. God is not allowing you to fit into the mundane traditions of religion and the ‘”church” culture because he does not want you to have that mindset because it will cause you be KILLED in this next series of warfare.


In the passage after the healing had taken place and they were ready for battle the Commander of the Lord’s Army appeared to Joshua. So  be encouraged this is a healing place in your life and once we are all to the place where we need to be, we will be ready for WAR. Selah.


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